Ambiance Pergola

Ambiance Pergola is a solution between a canopy and a garden pergola. It is a large pergola, which can also serve as a decorative roofing for a small terrace. By planting it with climbing plants we can gain a very pleasant, somewhat romantic corner in the garden.
The pergola does not come with a floor. 

All of our products are manufactured from high quality, pressure treated wood and come with a 10-years anti-rot guarantee. 

Delivery timescale:8-10weeks (product is manufactured on request)


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The wooden pergola Ambiance is made of:

6 arches 4,4 x 13,2 x 360 cm
10 english trellis 90 x 90 cm
20 triangular segment 45 x 45 cm
12 posts 9 x 9 cm
9 beans 4,5 x 9 cm

Pergola does not have a floor in the set. It can be additionally ordered.

Please note! Pergola do not contain metal posts holders! In case of installation in the ground, we recommend to buy metal spikes, while in case of installation on a hard surface, we recommend metal posts holders for concrete. You can find it in Accessories .


Information on transport costs

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All products are pressure impregnated with Tanalith Extra from renowned British company ARCH. Impregnation gives the wood a significant hydrophobicity, which ensures long-term maintenance and resistance of the wood to rotting for more than 15 years, for applications without contact with the ground. Immediately after impregnation, the wood has a greenish-grey color, which with time passes into a honey-yellow color.


Colouring products:

We do not offer product painting services. However, you can paint our products yourself for aesthetic purposes with all the preparations and paints available on the market for painting garden wood.



Each product that needs to be assembled is accompanied by assembly instructions. Do you want to know the details of product assembly? Write to us. We will send you a detailed instruction.

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