Brompton Pavilion Gazebo

The Brompton Pavilion is both spacious and elegant, it is a very popular place for families to entertain and enjoy the outdoor life. The high quality of impregnated wood will give many years of enjoyment for adults and children alike.

Floor included

Available in two sizes

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Size Medium Large
Material Spruce Spruce
Width 319cm 370cm
Depth 240cm 270cm
Ridge Height 300cm 310cm
Cladding Style Tongue&Groove Tongue&Groove
Floor Material Spruce Spruce
Floor Thickness 85mm (20mm floor boards + 65mm floor joist) 85mm (20mm floor boards + 65mm floor joist)
Roof Material Spruce Spruce
Roof Thickness 16mm 16mm
Accessories Material Spruce Spruce