Orio Arbour

Our arbour Orio has a full board panelled roof and bench that can easily accommodate two people. Wooden arbours with a roof and bench are perfect accessories in whose shade you can hide after a hard day’s work with your favourite book or a glass of wine.

The trellises, lowered to the height of the armrest, allow a good view of the entire garden.

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The latest model in our range of pergolas. Easy to assemble, the Orio model consists of a very comfortable, ergonomic bench that can accommodate two people and a classic sloping roof. The whole makes for an eye-pleasing and comfortable place of refuge in your garden.


Dimensions of the pergola:

height: 220 cm, width: 158 cm, length: 60 cm

The grilles in the Orio pergola are a mini version of the Mjosa fence. Set horizontally, the laths are 38mm wide and the distance between the laths is 18mm. The posts are 4 x 9 cm wide.


For such a pergola, we propose 2 solutions in terms of anchors:

1. a 9×9 spike or stand (as the post is 9×4 you will need to put something in the missing space for stiffening, preferably a piece of wood
2. 9×9 H-type anchor usually used for anchoring posts of larger structures, in the case of the pergola it will not require concreting, at most it will require gravel ballast for the load and later backfilling with earth.

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