Siena Arbour

The Siena Arbour is a beautifully designed wooden garden arbour that offers both a stunning focal point in your garden and the perfect place to sit and relax with a loved one. This wooden garden arbour has been manufactured from pressure treated FSC approved Northern European Redwood. The slatted roof offers shelter and shade from the elements and the trellis sides and back panels allow you to train plants to climb up and around this quality wooden structure. Step by step instructions are included for easy assembly.

Available in two side trellis heights

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The latest model in our arbour range. The Siena model is distinguished by a very comfortable, ergonomic bench that can successfully accommodate two people. It is very easy to assemble. The roof of the arbour will provide shelter from the sun, while its shape, reminiscent of Middle Eastern architectural forms, will make it a stylish addition to your garden as well as the perfect place for an afternoon coffee surrounded by greenery.



height: 220 cm, width: 138 cm, length: 63 cm


For such a pergola we propose 2 solutions as far as anchors are concerned:

1. a 9×9 spike or stand (as the post is 9×4 you will need to put something in the missing space for stiffening, preferably a piece of wood
2. 9×9 H-type anchor usually used for anchoring posts of larger structures, in the case of the pergola it will not require concreting, at most it will require gravel ballast for the load and later backfilling with earth.

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